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Artist snapshot – Ashley Thomson

March 10, 2015

Ashley Thomson is one of the producers of Noted Festival, and is also hosting the event series, ‘(I Hate You) For Sentimental Reasons’, featuring Nicola Lambert on Wednesday 18 March, 7.30pm at The Phoenix during BAD!SLAM!; Dr Jeanine Leane on Saturday 21 March, 4.30pm at Smith’s Alternative; and Tony Trobe on Sunday 22 March, 3.00pm at Westside at Acton Park.

Describe your work.

I writer. I write.

How long have you lived in Canberra?

26 years minus three years minus one year minus three months. 21 and a bit years I guess. Long enough, if that’s a thing.

What are you most excited about for your YAH event?

Hearing people tell the bald truth about flaws in Canberra’s arts scene, backing it up with facts, in front of some of the most dedicated Canberra-lovers ever to exist.

What was a highlight of 2014 for you in terms of your work?

Winning $600 for a short story. That almost felt like money matching the effort I put in. Not that I think it’s any good as a result of it winning money, it was just a pleasant surprise. It also made me think, if I want to win another $600, I’m going to have to work as hard as I did on that short story on every short story. That was deflating.

What’s your favourite Canberran coffee joint?

They’re all uncomfortable mediocre gutter trash with either terrible service or no soul, but Essen and The Front can take it by default, even though they’re as uncomfortable as it gets. Canberra’s coffee shop game is fucking poor.