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Artist snapshot – Chris Ryan

March 10, 2015

Chris Ryan is a comedian and performer, who will be collaborating with Nick Smith to bring you ‘Jillian Carruthers: Girl Reporter‘, at The Record Store, Saturday 21 March, 8-9pm.

Tell us a bit about your work.

Stand-up comedy demands a combination of writing, performance, improvisation, and acting blended with a personality type that is confident and self-doubting at the same time. It’s weird and fun and has led me to meet some hilarious, smart and disturbed people I can relate to.

How long have you lived in Canberra?

I came to Canberra in Year 5 (1983) after growing up in Hyderabad, India. Apart from a stint working in regional newspapers on the south coast of NSW, I’ve been in Canberra ever since.

What are you most excited about for your YAH event?

YAH takes artists out of their comfort zone so this won’t be a strictly stand-up gig. I’m excited to be delivering lines written by Nick Smith – a great comedy buddy and talented writer – and working with a Foley Artist (which I’ve only just learned is a thing) who will deliver live sound effects on stage. I’m keen also for the improvised interviews with other YAH artists, which I will do in the character of a 1930s journalist.

What was a highlight of 2014 for you in terms of your work?

In 2014 I reached a point where I knew my comedy was working more consistently and I had some idea of why, instead of having no clue from one gig to the next. Producing and performing in an hour long show called Unexpected Item with my comedy buddy Eddy Nelson at the Canberra Comedy Festival was a highlight – as was testing my emcee chops by hosting the ACT and Region Tourism Awards at the Canberra Theatre Playhouse.

What’s your favourite Canberran coffee joint?

I love the coffee from Farmer’s Daughter in the Canberra Centre as much as I love the funny baristas who appreciate my fascination with ubiquitous penis shapes on cappuccinos and who specialise in witty banter.

Find out more about Chris on her website, or stay in touch through Twitter or Facebook!