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Artist snapshot – Rebecca McPhee, No Lights No Lycra

March 19, 2015

No Lights No Lycra will be taking over The Record Store on Friday 20 March from 9.30pm – 11pm.

Describe your work in a few sentences.

I’m an ambassador for No Lights No Lycra (NLNL) in Canberra. NLNL is ultimately a space to dance in the dark – every Wednesday we turn off the lights and jump around for 90 minutes to some curated tunes, and it’s a bunch of fun. NLNL started up a few years ago as a response to wanting freedom on the dance floor, so there is no light, no teacher, no steps, no technique, just uninhibited movement. And just quietly, we’re okay with lycra.

How long have you lived in Canberra?

This time around: three years. As an army kid, I was born in Canberra but left when I was very little, came back for a bit when I was still pretty little, left again for a very long time for sunny Brisbane, and then returned after uni as a grad. I love Canberra, but I love it the most when it’s not winter. Luckily I have some more stoic Canberran friends who can lure me out of my doona cocoon.

What are you most excited about for your YAH event?

When the lights go out, because that means it’s time for DANCING.

We’ve got a special playlist themed around Light + Dark and it’s going to be chock full of boogie-worthy beats, perfect for cutting loose on a Friday night. We can’t wait to share it with you.

What was a highlight of 2014 for you in terms of NLNL?

Learning the ropes, really! Sam (my fellow ambassador) and I recently took over the reins from previous NLNL Canberra funk lords Lisa and Lucy, and late last year we were masterfully trained by them in the art of NLNL ambassadorship. We’ve been able to put their wisdom into practice in 2015, with some pretty ace results. The NLNL Canberra community has been really supportive and enthusiastic.

What’s your favourite Canberran coffee joint?

A tough choice, but I’d have to say Nookie Espresso Bar in City Walk. The owners are super friendly and make a mean long black. I’m pretty partial to their Vietnamese iced coffees and scrumptious doughnuts, which are also sold at their new food van in Braddon – twice the temptation!

No Lights No Lycra Canberra dances every Wednesday night, 7:30 – 9pm at St John’s Church Hall in Reid. Entry is just $5 on the door. Check them out on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or on their blog.