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Taming the dragon – You Are Here 2015

March 30, 2015

By Morgan Little, You Are Here Coordinator

On the first night of the festival, I went to Chris Endrey’s 82 Laps on the merry-go-round, not really knowing what to expect. We went on a voyage of mortality and death, and wrote down what we wished we’d done in life, before passing the paper back and forwards as we twirled on our horses. I wrote on every piece I held except the last, which simply read “tame a dragon.”

I was a little thrown. Had I been doing it wrong, writing on every piece of paper? (if so, sorry Endrey!) Why this wish, so different from everything I’d written down? And why, almost a week later, was it still bouncing around my head?

For me, taming dragons was what working on You Are Here 2015 was all about; doing something new and something positive. Something that’s challenging and terrifying and ever so rewarding. About realising that it’s better to reign in the beasts, so that you know where to look if a fire breaks out.

This was my first year working for the festival; co-curating the Dangerous Territory theatre stream, and as an event coordinator during the festival. The whole process kept me on my toes. It brought new and familiar dragons to the surface, and forced me to confront them.

No matter if it was wrangling the tiny problems that flared up without warning or crawling onto the back of a sleepless dragon to see how far we could fly without crashing, everything had to come under control. Even at the end of the night, when exhaustion crept in and the hissing whispers of the deeper, darker lizards offered otherwise, I kept on.

And now, at the other end, I am glad that I did. Because no matter the reptilian challenges along the way, You Are Here was great! The artists I worked with on Dangerous Territory were terrific, creative and driven, and produced work they should all be extremely proud of. I know I am.

Since I can feel myself rambling, I’m going to wrap up and cut to thank yous:

  • Thanks to all the artists I worked, talked and shared with throughout the festival. You’re so inspiring.

  • Thanks to the incredible team working on the festival this year. So many new faces (myself among them), so many talented peeps. I feel so lucky to have worked with y’all and can’t wait to do it again.

  • Special thanks to Sam Barrett, our production manager, who has set a new bar for organisation and support.

  • Super special extra thanks to Nick Delatovic, who took a chance on me, challenged me, and supported me when I came out a little charred.