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What is Noted?

March 19, 2015

A festival is a great thing to start. Why – the essence of any festival is a celebration of something. With the new Noted festival, we have a festival that is a celebration of writing in its many forms. From writers groups who meet weekly, to school children experimenting in new mediums, to taking advantage of a chance for public displays of words; this first iteration of Noted Festival celebrates the importance of everyday life to the making of art.

Where You Are Here had its foundation in celebrating Canberra through experimental and emerging arts, by activating spaces in the Canberra CBD, by providing opportunities to our artists, the development of Noted in the Australian Capital Territory has an insistence to it of the everyday, is happy in celebrating writing forms that are undefined, ill-defined, or limited to a maximum of 140 characters. It will charge headlong from birth, heading toward a mash-up that oscillates around the thin line of text, an oscillation that can orbit planets, carry you to distant worlds, or cement you in stone with elements infusing you, aeons passing (or maybe just ten years), before you realise what it means to you.

Where festivals such as Canberra’s Art, Not Apart sign post the art they celebrate with explanation, Noted shares with You Are Here the opportunity for audiences to define their own journey through multiple different forms of art from Canberra, ex-patriate Canberra, and people who’ve made the leap through this festival to now by part of Canberra. Take it or leave it; with all the art on offer with You Are Here and now Noted, it is up to you to work out which end is up, or even if there is an up, it may be all on the level.

Find the festival program online here, you can be part of the festival through its streams of take note, notice and notification.

Andrew Galan, Noted and You Are Here festivals