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You Are Here Again!

November 14, 2015

Hey kids!

Did you miss us? Well we missed you and we (Adelaide and Vanessa), are strapped in and rearing to go. In fact we’re already going. With the 2016 festival call out released last week, we’re going on long contemplative bush walks (“What even is art?”), typing all caps emails, waiting for all-important funding announcements and starting the mega exciting process of curating the 2016 program. We like to think we’re an innovative and experimental festival not just in the work we present but in how we do things. This means we’re always at it, thinking up new, perhaps unconventional ways of making a festival, questioning our traditions and asking why this or why that? One big piece of news is that we’re moving the dates of the festival this year, packing our bags and swinging firmly into April – the 13-17 April to be precise. The other big bit of news is that we’re looking for new staff, curators, producers and technical wunderkinds. More on that soon. We’re damn excited to see what more time and fresh blood will do for the festival, and well, it will be Autumn and Canberra is bloody glorious in Autumn.

But seriously, in 2016 we’re going to be working harder than ever to make the festival walk what we talk. We’re listening to your feedback on the 2015 festival; about our venues, program, artists and events. We’re even going back to where it all began in 2011 and examining where we started and where we’ve come to. This includes striving to be truly meaningfully accessible and inclusive for artists and audiences alike. In 2016 we’re keener than ever to make space and time for female artists, artists who identify as having a disability, or as being Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander, or as hailing from a culturally diverse background, artists who identify as queer, or trans or neither or all things outside, in-between and around. We’re cooking up new ways to support our artists and creative communities not just to create work but to keep making it. And behind all of this we’re asking what it really means to be an experimental arts festival, now and in Canberra (seriously, if you know send us an email!) So, keep your eyes peeled and your ears tuned to You Are Here 2016, we’re excited to be back.

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