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Producer Profile: Amelia Filmer-Sankey

April 8, 2016

Want to know some of the brains behind YAH 2016 a little better? We’ve got you covered!

Meet  Producer, Amelia Filmer-Sankey

Image: Cole Bennetts, courtesy Art Not Apart


Hey Amelia! So, tell us a bit about yourself:

I was born in the vocal and sprawling city of Newcastle which taught me to love the process of looking for what can be found in little pockets of chaos that our cities build themselves into and out of. I’ve been in Canberra about 5 years now and it’s taught me about the bush and bicycles.


What do you love about You Are Here?

It’s transformation of spaces. With You Are Here you get to take a series of seemingly ordinary places, put some wacky-talented people in them and watch as they slowly unscrew the way you view the construction of our cogs of society and this Canberra city.

I also love the way it creates a space for collaboration and development of new projects by Canberra based and interstate artists: as a festival with this focus, it provides an opportunity for experimentation and development of works that otherwise may never have had a chance to emerge, and in this way it’s beautifully and importantly unique.

I’ve performed with YAH previously and helped coordinate little events inside it but this year is my first time as a producer. It’s hard to convey just how gleeful I am to be joining this team and to be in the process of finding out what it’s like to both be producing and developing a new performance project simultaneously.


What program events are you responsible for this year, and what’s exciting about them?

Where to start? All of them! From the individual projects, like Happy Axe (Emma Kelly) x Ghost Noises (Liam White) collaborating to bring their haunting and melodic music together, to a whole series of performances under the Let’s Stay in Tonight series in a secret house location in the burbs whose program includes a sunset/edgelands physical performance underscored with Ruth O’Brien’s cinematic vocals, to small theatre pieces and experimental music in the intimate rooms of someone’s house! What? I know – that good.


If you had unlimited resources to produce an event, what would you do?

An event? Well that’s the thing. If I had unlimited resources – the events wouldn’t end. I’d probably build a series of opt-in arts empires, where people traded paintings for poems etc. Essentially I’d introduce a universal basic income system for anyone interested and then we’d all be freed to enjoy and create an eternal festival of life. You’d probably hate it, but it’s what I’d do. I’d also sponsor a feminist bicycle-gang revolution and free glitter for everyone.

So in short, an eternal series of small artistic and social revolutions.


Using only key words, how would you describe your YAH experience so far?

Notebooks, front yards, Lyneham Kebabs, googledocs, cafe chats and excellent ideas from kick-arse cool cats. Oh and cofffffeeeee.


Read any good books recently?

Kate Bolick’s Spinster and Anna Funder’s Staziland – creative non-fiction is quickly becoming a favourite genre of mine at the moment. Also halfway through reading Americanah right now by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie, it’s incredible. Ah yep.


Tell us a fun fact – about anything!

Mood lighting is really important – in every setting – get on that and your world will change.

This fact is an opinion, but we can explore the reality/subjectivity distinction another time.


What is the one thing you hope audiences will take away from YAH in 2016?

A buzzing, inspired, and slightly disorientated brain (of their own, or parts of other brains consensually swapped with other You Are Here participants). Also inspiration to make their own wacky works and apply for them to be part of YAH 2017!