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Let’s Stay in Tonight: Transfixed


Crepuscular – Solco Acro
Broken Bone Bathtub – Siobhan O’Loughlin
Stillness – Reuben Lewis, Tony Yap and Brendan O’Conner

Come over to our house for a series of intimate, immersive performances. Set against bushland, yet in the heart of the suburbs, these performances sit at the intersection between private lives and communal experience.

Encompassing aerial dance, tantric movement, performance poetry, theatre and experimental music this series of works exists as an embodiment of the bush capital.

With a playful eye on the creatures that go bump in the night, and unflinching gaze on portrayals of secrets held close, join us as we navigate the distance between the domestic and the cosmic.

Capacity is limited as this event takes place in a private home, bookings required.