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Potato Potato Data Data

  • LOCATION: The Festival Hub, 46 Northbourne Ave : Civic
  • ARTIST/S: Christie Woodhouse
  • WHEN: 4pm to 6pm
    9 April 2017


Feel like you’re drowning in the age of DATA? Do you sense that your every move is under surveillance? Take control! Take a dip.

GO TO > to see live stat updates + contribute your own data. Plus, find her around the festival to capture a quick vid response and a chat!

Potato Potato Data Data is a project running throughout the festival that asks questions of festival goers and artists alike, that don’t get asked under conventional data capture agendas. Check in on the stats updated each day as the festival progresses, and join us for a final data crunch on Sunday to see if it was all worthwhile. Dive deep into the atypically representable politics and whimsy of the human convergence that is YAH.


Christie Woodhouse is a Sydney-based early career artist. She runs a choir. She’s created rapidly collaborative performance in 48 hours responsive to breaking news stories (Rapid Response Team with PACT, 2016). She’s rejigged the great Australian songbook in various pubs and RSL clubs (Deadest! With Claire Stjepanovic, 2016). Among other escapades, she has presented work at Crack! Theatre Festival Newcastle, PACT centre for emerging artists, Shopfront Arts Co-Op and You Are Here Festival Canberra. She brings together her research obsessions with a zany performance aptitude to culminate in Potato Potato Data Data.

  • Photo: Christie Woodhouse