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  • LOCATION: Senate Rose Garden Tennis Courts : King George Terrace
  • ARTIST/S: Tina Havelock Stevens, Liberty Kerr
  • WHEN: 5pm to 6pm
    9 April 2017


RACQUET RACKET DUEL DUAL is an improvised wrestle-spectacle played out on opposite ends of a tennis court.  However this tennis tussle is played with drums and guitar.Tina and Liberty will embrace the unpredictability utilising sonic noise, physicality, humour and highly technical, tactical and psychological maneuvers.

Artists: Tina Havelock Stevens on drums, and Liberty Kerr on guitar



Tina Havelock Stevens (drums) and Liberty Kerr (guitar) have a long standing collaboration with diverse projects creating sound-scapes and music.

The pair met way back in the very late eighties in Sydney where they were part of a rare breed of inner city post-punk female musician. Tina was drumming in Plug Uglies and Liberty was on lead guitar in Glovebox. Years blended into decades with a track record of sporadic jams and bands. Sometime in the last ten years they started The Mumps, a post rock and mainly instrumental band. Whilst able to perform in a more structured format both Liberty and Tina together create something else in the context of spontaneously composing as an experimental duo.


Image: Alex Wisser