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Ready-cut Residency

  • LOCATION: Smith's Alternative
  • ARTIST/S: Aaron Kirby, Eleanor Malbon, Cissi Tsang
  • WHEN: 6:30pm to 7:30pm
    17 April 2016



In association with the ACT Parks and Reserves Service, You Are Here is excited to present our first Ready-cut Residency, pairing 2 ACT-based artists with an interstate artist in a ready-cut fashion, taking pre-existing arts practices and dovetailing them together for a short 4 day residency at the Ready-cut Cottage.

Situated in the Gudgenby Valley, the Ready-cut Cottage is a 1920s style pre-fabricated home built in 1927. Restored in 2006, the cottage is now a space for creative reflection. Set in the larger surrounds of the Namadgi National Park, the cottage is nestled in the mountains responsible for the cool crisp fresh water that supplies Canberra. Fostering an incredible and diverse ecology, Namadgi is the breathtaking bushland that surrounds our suburban lives and that offers up a “green prescription” for the residents of the bush capital.

During the residency, artists Aaron Kirby (ACT), Eleanor Malbon (ACT) and Cissi Tsang (WA) will explore human interactions with the natural world, in particular traces of the past and suggestions of the future in the Gudgenby Valley, presenting their creative findings at a special Sunday evening event at Smiths Alternative.