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  • LOCATION: The Club (46 Northbourne Ave)
  • ARTIST/S: Cissi Tsang
  • WHEN: 9pm to 10pm
    13 April 2016


timeofhex is Cissi Tsang – a cross-disciplinary artist from Perth, Australia who converts photographs and video into music via hexadecimal data. The result is a blend of world music, dreamy synths, spoken word and environmental sound effects – turning inorganic code into organic sounds, and paired with hypnotic visualisations and live guitar to create an audio-visual experience. The works explore various motifs, ranging from the passage of time (A Small Timequake) to how places hold memories (The Shadows, Persistence Of The Sea, That Which Ties Us). One overarching theme in the works is an examination of how people interact with space and environment, and how each influences the other in their movements. The works are taken from a variety of places – from the tropics of Vanuatu and the ancient beauty of Cambodia, to the Alpine region of Victoria.

Acknowledgements: Bogong Centre of Sound Culture Supported Residency, and the Vanuatu Island Innovation Lab.