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Work It

  • LOCATION: Garema Place
  • WHEN: 8pm to 9pm
    18 March 2015

“art is almost as old as man. It is a form of work, and work is an activity peculiar to mankind…” Ernst Fischer, The Necessity of Art

Work It is a multimedia dance performance presented by Lingua Franca Dance Theatre and collaborators revealing and reframing our relationship with place, in particular, our contemporary workplace. The work integrates the moving body, interactive video and a live DJ mix exposing and responding to our behaviours, thoughts and feelings connected with work, place and identity.

Performer: Alison Plevey
AV/video mixer: Caitlin Welch
Audio/DJ: Yohan Iddawela
Dramaturge: Adam Deusien

Presented with support from artsACT and QL2 Dance