Ice Age: A Stitch in Time Saves Brian

Date: Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Time: 7:00 pm - 8:00 pm

Venue: The Phoenix Bar

Tags: Ice Age, Theatre, You Are Here 2013

Stitch in Time

Toxic avalanche! Counter-counter-terrorism! Self-replicating nanobacteria! Poison frogs!

The Ice Age journeys to the pub for the final installment in the Landlords’ trilogy of instructional lectures. Professor Richard Pritchard and Doctor Arthur Downwards – disgraced ex-scientific luminaries and recently certified time-and-space-traveling insurance salesmen – have returned from the dark and distant future to warn you and your loved ones of the inescapable annihilation lurking on tomorrow’s horizon.

If the frogs and the hyperanarchists don’t do it, we’re sure the pandemic squid flu will, but never fear! These two steadfast men of fact have a futuristic insurance policy that’s just right for you!



7-8pm Wednesday 20 March, The Phoenix Bar, East Row

7.30-9pm Saturday 23 March, Fletcher Jones

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