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uncertain times: braddon

March 21, 2015

The world snorted with derision when, for the second year in a row, the OECD nominated Canberra as the world’s best city.

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So long Smiths’

We were very sad to hear that Smiths’ Alternative will be closing its doors tonight, due to financial concerns.

Smiths’ has been the scene of many an amazing You Are Here event over the past five years – from our program launches to our theatre program, gRage series, panels, debates and Lady Lolz.

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uncertain times – should i stay or should i go?

Kate Murphy explores the Canberra arts scene for Uncertain Times, looking at the critical question, ‘should I stay, or should I go?’.

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uncertain times – a prologue: there is a canberra scene?

We’ll be re-publishing the essays from Uncertain Times on our blog. First, a prologue – is there a Canberra arts scene?

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Get lit-hopping

Farz Edraki, producer of Noted, takes you through the highlights you can expect from tonight’s Lit-Hop!

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Noted – how I love a panel

March 19, 2015

Lucy Nelson, Producer of Noted Festival explores the professional development stream of the festival.

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Noted – delving into the digital stream

Noted Producer, Ash Thomson explains the digital stream of Noted festival and the wonder of the internet.

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Artist snapshot – Rebecca McPhee, No Lights No Lycra

Artist snapshot with Rebecca from No Lights No Lycra.

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Is it worth it, let me Work It

Yen Eriksen reviews Wednesday night’s performance of Work It.

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What is Noted?

Andrew Galan, Noted and YAH Producer, takes us through what Noted is all about.

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