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Artist snapshot – Inventi Ensemble

March 10, 2015

Inventi Ensemble will be hosting an interactive music composition and performance workshop, Be a Composer! on Friday 20 March, 5.00–7.00 pm at Canberra Museum and Gallery.

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Artist snapshot – Ashley Thomson

Ashley Thomson is one of the producers of Noted Festival, and is also hosting the event series, ‘(I Hate You) For Sentimental Reasons’, featuring Nicola Lambert on Wednesday 18 March, 7.30pm at The Phoenix during BAD!SLAM!; Dr Jeanine Leane on Saturday 21 March, 4.30pm at Smith’s Alternative; and Tony Trobe on Sunday 22 March, 3.00pm at Westside at Acton Park.

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Artist snapshot – Robbie Karmel

Robbie Karmel will be bringing a participatory sculptural work to You Are Here’s Ill Advised Night Out at Canberra Museum and Gallery (CMAG), Saturday 21 March from 11.30pm.

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Artist snapshot – Chris Ryan

Chris Ryan is a comedian and performer, who will be collaborating with Nick Smith to bring you ‘Jillian Carruthers: Girl Reporter’, at The Record Store, Saturday 21 March, 8-9pm.

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Artist snapshot – Helyard, Hunter & Martin (HHM)

The faculty ensemble of the ANU Experimental Music Studio, HHM will be performing as part of the Noted/YAH crossover event, Speakerbox, taking place Sunday 22 March, 5 – 6pm at The Street Theatre.

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